Theatre Art Appreciation Final Project – Creative Presentation by Diane Letulier

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For my final project, I chose the play entitled “A Dog’s Life” by Diane Grant. I think I would produce this play to be performed in a small community theatre.This play is about a company of a playhouse in New York, so in light of that I think it would be best in a small theatre so that the audience feels they too are part of the play. I would have a small theatre in the round, or an audience configuration in a small theatre where the players or actors go out into the audience during the play. This would be essential, since the story is about a theatre company and is set mostly on stage in the theatre. Much of the dialogue is while the cast members are rehearsing and communicating with the director of the theatre. Below are my images of theatre ideas for this play. ImageImageImage

In each of the above images of theatre audience areas, they are small and intimate, and the audience would feel part of the play, especially if it was performed with the cast members going out into the audience area.

Here are the actors I would cast in the play:

Hildy : Stage Manager – played by Meg Ryan


Meg would be perfect as Hildy, she is a vivacious and bubbly actor, and has the sarcasm the role needs as Hildy has spunk! .

Margo – Business Manager and George’s love interest  – Played by Sandra Bullock : Image

Sandra would be excellent as Margo, as I picture her being able to create Margo’s character perfectly. I immediately pictured Margo as a brunette.Margo bickers with George alot and has a strong presence.

Mimi – Arnie’s daughter, spoiled and entitled – played by : Emma Roberts


Emma did a fantastic job as a bratty very powerful witch in American Horror Story last season.

She would be remarkable as Mimi who is spoiled, bratty and has substance abuse issues.

Pookie : The Musician – Played by America Ferrara

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I think America would be great as Pookie. Pookie doesn’t have a very big part in the play,but American seems like she would be a good artsy type for the role.

Rowena – The new girl – Played by Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth is who I have envisioned to play Rowena, as Rowena is very graceful talented and kind. I imagine Gwyneth being able to pull of that type of role as she usually does play these types of characters.




George Mercer – Theatre Director – played by Alec Baldwin


Alec did great as the wacky diretor manager in the film Rock of Ages. He would do very well as George.I think he has the ability to play this quirky sarcastic funny character wonderfully. Brian Boffin – The artist – Played by Rupert Everett

Image Rupert would be superb as Brian Boffin the stuffy British stage actor. Rupert is British and so versatile with his acting that he would be perfect for this part. Arnie – The investor – Played by : Stellan Skarsgard

Image Stellan was wonderful in Mama Mia, the film and played a very funny role as a father. I envision him with this part as I imagine him doting over his daughter and flaunting his wealth and wisdom in this role.

Tom – The Playright – Played by Mark Fauerstein

mark f

Mark would be great as Tom the playright.  He has the nice guy studious look, and I love other roles he has played as a character actor in movies. He was in one of my favorite films, Practical Magic.

Billy – The Method Actor – Played by Zac Ephron


Zac has that handsome young sharp look and he would be a perfect person to play Billy, the starry eyed playright. Zac has been in some very versatile roles, comedy as well as drama.

Yevgeni Platov – The Landlord – Played by Rade Serbedzija


Rade has been in several films, and being of Russian decent. He has a great accent. I loved the move The Saint that he co starred in. I love his acting skills and think he would be great for the role of the cranky foreign landlord.



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