Scrapbook 4 – Web Graphics

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Scrapbook 4 - Web Graphics

I chose Meagan Fisher’s website/blog page:…

This site confrmed my belief that graphics and grabbing the viewer’s eye is very important. I think graphics should be used to attract attention to the viewer in a certain manner. The viewer should want to click through each page hungry for more and more appealing fonts images and colors.

I found this website to be pretty dull and find that there should have been mores use of color, more eye catching font and alot more graphics. I feel that space was wasted with me having to scroll down to numerous posts that could’ve been consolidated more into fewer pages.

I found the colors to be literally and virtually pale, and would have brighten them up with more vivid shades. I can barely read the font in some of the post as it is too pale. The links such as “Site News” also once clicked through have very pale fonts as well.

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Scrapbook 4 – Web Graphics Theatre Art Appreciation Final Project – Creative Presentation by Diane Letulier

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